Welcome to 2019

I started this blog at the start of 2018. I had lots of ideas but really no time to get into what I wanted to do, and the wind was taking away from me at the start of the year, with my Mum losing her cancer battle.
My original idea was to make some cool YouTube videos of old games I loved as a kid, that if you’re in your late 30’s or 40’s you probably would have loved and have forgotten about, or if you’re younger, you may have missed altogether.
About that time, YouTube changed their policies so the chance of me actually making any money or even covering my costs from this were so near zero, it was really zero. I’m not doing this to make money really, but if I can cover my costs then that would be awesome, and somehow make a little then even awesomer.
With a year slipping by I thought I’d better resurrect this, or I’d never get it started.
The plan is to still do the retro stuff, a bit of game dev tutorials / video blogs and maybe a bunch of other stuff as it comes to mind.
Let’s see if I actually get to any of that this year!

I haven’t been completely useless in 2018, I did start, finish and publish a pretty simple Match 3 game. You can find it here